Why I chose Sytropin HGH Spray

The background of why I chose Sytropin is probably pretty similar to a lot of guys. I had always been an athlete, played in rec-league, went to the gym regularly, etc. After college, I became more of the “weekend warrior” type, I’d hit the gym a couple times a week, do some mountain biking and play some basketball, but not much in the way of serious sustained athletic effort. I was in good shape, but not great.

My trips to the gym became less frequent, and when I did go I’d see guys there that reminded me of myself just a few years before, but I knew I was headed in the wrong direction. Compared to peers my own age, I would have been considered “fit”:, but compared to myself even a few years before, I wasn’t happy with where i was athletically. Like many people, I resolved to make a change. Unlike many, I carried through with my plan. I knew I wanted to target 3 main categories: My Diet, my Training, and my Supplementing.

Diet: Serious bodybuilders (which I had never been) always preach that 20% of their results are from training and lifting, and 80% of their results were purely diet. I had always eaten fairly well even when not training for anything, I wasn’t’ a fast-food junkie (eat it about once a year) and I pretty much avoid sweets and sugars naturally, but there was still room to clean up my diet. I started by adding a protein shake to my daily regimen, and focusing on eating more vegetables for at least 2 meals a day, cutting down on processed bread and pasta (a personal favorite), and eating more lean chicken and less red meat. I tried not to make any dramatic changes to my diet that I knew would never stick, but focused instead of incremental changes in the right direction. After just a few months, it pretty much became second nature.

Supplements: I was turned on to HGH supplements by a friend who reported really good results from them. I already took a standard men’s multivitamin, and an Omega-3 (fish oil) product for heart health. Once I started my new regimen, I added creatine, Sytropin HGH spray, and arginine. I try to keep my supplements I am taking at a minimum, partially so I can track results better, and also because I think too many people take way too many supplements, some of which do not work well in conjunction with each other, and may even have some unwanted side effects. I chose Sytropin because I had read a lot of great things about it, it’s ingredients were what I was looking for, and it was a safe, legal alternative to some of the other things I saw people using. Best of all, it worked; I saw results from using Sytropin within the first week. I recovered faster from hard workouts (which has gotten even more important as I get older) and I felt like I slept better too. I used a melatonin supplement for a while too, but discontinued it due to side effects even though it did help  me sleep pretty soundly. I also used to take some prohormone products, but since they have been basically banned in the last few years, they have been hard to find and I never saw as good as results when using them anyways.