Update: Sytropin Disclaimer

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from readers asking if I got my Sytropin supply through a “free trial” offer that some websites are doing. The answer is No, when I started taking Sytropin (before I started this site), I ordered it at the regular price. There wasn’t a free trial option that I was aware of at the time (though they did offer a 90 day guarantee, which was one of the reasons I chose it). All the bottles of Sytropin that I used in the first 4 months of training with it I purchased at the retail price online, none of them were free or part of any type of trial. By way of disclaimer, since I began tracking my progress online, the Sytropin lab has since sent me some free bottles to continue using for my personal use ( I didn’t request them, they contacted me for my address, and then they were just sent to me). I do not have any to resell though, nor do I have any coupon codes for discount Sytropin for any readers, sorry¬† :)