Sytropin International?

I’ve gotten a few emails from people outside the United States, asking if I know how to get it in various countries. Being in the U.S, I’ve never had any kind of issue, but I’ll admit I have never tried. I have had at least one reader contact me to tell me that they have been able to order it in the past (he’s from Great Britain), but that the UK is now cracking down on all HGH-related supplements and products, even ones that are perfectly legal in the United States. I know it can be shipped to Canada because I have two friends there who have ordered it in the past (they ordered from the US site both times), although they did mention it takes a long time for Sytropin (and most supplements or pills) to clear customs and be delivered. If you are unsure whether you can order Sytropin from your home country, it is probably wise to contact someone first and determine if it is allowed and legal to ship into that foreign country. While the U.S. has some of the strictest rules about supplements, some other countries have their own regulations about certain ingredients and labeling claims. As always, do your homework before trying to import health products. Australia for example has some very specific restrictions on a particular bean extract (L-Dopa) that is one of the growth factors used in Sytropin’s formulation.