Sytropin Anniversary

Looking at the calendar, it’s been 3 years since I first started taking Sytropin. Doesn’t feel like that long, but I remember starting it right before the 4th of July holiday, when I was realizing I didnt look as good in shorts and a tanktop as I could. Since that time, even though I’m older, I’ve maintained or improved my strength and speed in just about every category. Over the last 3 years, there are a few other supplements I’ve used for various amounts of time, but nothing as consistent as Sytropin. I can definitely tell if I’ve gone a few days without it (usually on trips). The only other supplement I’ve taken pretty regularly over that long of a time period is creatine. I truly feel like Sytropin has made a lot of positive difference for me, both athletically and just in terms of feeling better overall.

Taking a few sprays in the morning and before I go to bed has become a pretty standard part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth. It’s easy to order, and only takes a few seconds each day to take, so its never felt like any effort, especially when it seems to help me bounce back a lot quicker from hard workouts. With creatine, the only downside was that it felt like I cramped more often when I was doing alot of track running, but I’ve had zero effects from Sytropin, at least nothing that I have noticed. For me, I’ll probably continue to take it as long as I am feeling like I’m still getting good results.