Other Benefits I’ve Experienced from Sytropin

Obviously, my main goal when I started taking Sytropin was muscle-building. I didn’t want to be a “bodybuilder”, but I did want to add some mass, increase my strength, the usual stuff. I considered myself pretty knowledgeable about working out in general, and how supplements could help. I had used creatine for years, and always had pretty decent results with it. I was never tempted to go the “steroid” route, I’d seen guys in college that used stuff like that, and knew it wasn’t for me. Plus I don’t like needles, and it seemed like the risks would outweigh the rewards. I just wanted something safe, with similar benefits but without all the down-side. Sytropin seemed like a safe choice.

Almost right away, within 2 days of receiving my first bottle, I did notice effects from Sytropin. No, I didn’t magically gain a 6-pack, or start benching 50 pounds more than I had the week before; the area I saw the fastest change was a surprise to me; my sleep. Almost from Day #1, my sleep got deeper. I could tell the difference if I stopped taking Sytropin for even a day or two, my sleep went back to the way it was before. Once I started taking Sytropin, I felt like I was way more rested, like I had slept much deeper or something. I also noticed that it seemed like I had strange, vivid dreams if I took Sytropin too close to bedtime (not sure if I imagined that or I just started remembering my dreams better once I was sleeping well), so now I make sure to take it earlier in the evening.

Once my sleep improved, my morning workouts seemed like they got a lot better. I usually do cardio or running in the morning, and weight-lifting or cross-training in afternoon workouts. With the better sleep, I was a little more “up” for my morning runs, and didnt feel quite so gassed afterwards. I also didn’t seem to cramp as much, especially on hot days, although I’m not sure if that was because of Sytropin or I just got better about hydration.

The other unusual benefit I noticed was my skin. It didn’t dry out so much and get calluses, and scratches or other wounds seemed to heal really quick. I know other people that said it had more dramatic effects on their skin, for wrinkles and things, but I never really noticed any of that (and I dont really have wrinkles anyways) but the healing I definitely still notice when it comes to minor nicks, cuts, and bruises.