New Supplement in my Stack: CBD

After coming across it constantly in my news feed, seeing signs at the local health food store, and then hearing first-hand testimonials from some “hard to fool” supplement users, I knew it was time to see what all the fuss was about. I have now added CBD to my daily regimen, and I’m glad I did.

CBD LeavesIf you have been living under a rock, and haven’t heard of CBD, I’ll try to briefly explain. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, it doesn’t get you “high” if you take it. Most users report taking CBD for its positive effects on pain, mood, and sleep. You do not need a prescription for CBD in the United States (it is still banned or regulated in some other countries). It doesn’t make you groggy, and is simple to take. You can learn more about CBD by checking out Project CBD.

CBD ProductsFor me, I tried two different creams and had positive results with both, especially on aching shoulders after training super-sets. I also had to use it for some morning relief after, believe it or not, simply sleeping on my side wrong (hey, I’m 43 years old, these things happen). The first cream I used was from Charlotte’s Web, and I bought it at the local store. I didn’t like the smell too much and wanted something a bit stronger, so after about a week of using that I ordered CBDPure cream online. It contains 250 milligrams of CBD and was listed specifically as muscle and joint cream, and I use it pretty regularly on these target areas when they hurt from overuse, or are just stiff. I later added their CBD oil to my daily regimen, and now use the cream only when needed. I have heard of people “vaping” CBD to get the same benefits as creams or oils faster, but it seems strange to me to “smoke for your health” so I’ll stick to rubbing in a skin cream or taking a dropperful of oil to get my CBD fix.