Ego boost

So I was traveling over the weekend to see some family I hadn’t seen in a while. Any time I travel, I’m worried that my workouts are going to disappear (it’s hard to find a decent hotel gym, so all I really do is run, not lift when on the road) and that my diet is going to go terribly because I’m eating at random restaurants, drinking with peers, and basically getting out of my regimen. This last trip, I resolved to run every day at minimum, and do some bodyweight exercises at a minimum. Obviously, I packed all my usual supplements including Sytropin in my travel bag.

When I arrived, and saw some close family members who hadnt seen me since last Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised that nearly the first thing they mentioned was “wow,  you look really good, you must be working out a lot”.  Since I’m used to seeing only small incremental improvement over time, I forget how much different a person can look to someone that hasn’t seen them in nearly 6 months. Needless to say, I was pretty motivated that others notice that much of a change in me when they havent seen me on a daily basis, so I cam back to my usual regimen feeling more motivated to keep putting in the hard work, even when the short-term results seem limited.