Be wary of counterfeit Sytropin

I’ve had some readers ask about some “too good to be true” deals on Ebay for Sytropin, and whether its actual real Sytropin, or fake. Nobody has sent me any of the alleged fake Sytropin, and I don’t know anyone that has been duped by the scam, but from some of the pictures I’ve seen, there are some “knock-off” products pretending to be Sytropin, that aren’t actually from the real Sytropin HGH manufacturer.

Part of this is common sense, the retail price of Sytropin runs about sixty bucks. A bit less if you buy multiple bottles at a time on their website, or if you are lucky enough to get one of their VIP coupons they send out to their past customers some times. If someone with no or negative feedback is saying they are selling real Sytropin on Ebay for something like 20 bucks, its a “buyer beware” situation; it is probably not real Sytropin. The ingredients in Sytropin are far too expensive to make for any legitimate wholesaler or retail merchant to ever sell it at a discount price much lower than what you can get it direct from Sytropin for. At best, its expired or opened product, at worst, its not real Sytropin at all, and you have no idea what types of ingredients it really has. A company that will copy and counterfeit another real brand is a company that will cut corners on what they put in the bottles too, avoid the risks of fake product and stick with only real Sytropin.

One thing that sometimes confuses people, real Sytropin has been manufactured in glass bottles before they switched to the cobalt blue ones. I have only ever ordered direct from Sytropin, or from a trusted local GNC or Vitamin Shop, and I have seen the glass bottles before which are legitimate. The label is the same though, so if you see Sytropin for a really low price on some auction website, make sure what you are getting is the real thing, and not some cheap knock-off with a different label. There are lots of labs that will copy really popular products using cheap ingredients, and make a label that “looks” like the real thing, then either choose a very similar-sounding name or just copy the real product’s name directly. None of these are going to give you same benefits or effects as the real thing. It’s better to just pay the retail price (remember, you get what you pay for) to avoid getting ripped off by some fake version of the real thing. I always recommend to people to not try to save a few bucks by buying from some anonymous eBay seller, and just order direct from the company or a local name-brand retail store.