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So I was traveling over the weekend to see some family I hadn’t seen in a while. Any time I travel, I’m worried that my workouts are going to disappear (it’s hard to find a decent hotel gym, so all I really do is run, not lift when on the road) and that my diet is going to go terribly because I’m eating at random restaurants, drinking with peers, and basically getting out of my regimen. This last trip, I resolved to run every day at minimum, and do some bodyweight exercises at a minimum. Obviously, I packed all my usual supplements including Sytropin in my travel bag.

When I arrived, and saw some close family members who hadnt seen me since last Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised that nearly the first thing they mentioned was “wow,  you look really good, you must be working out a lot”.  Since I’m used to seeing only small incremental improvement over time, I forget how much different a person can look to someone that hasn’t seen them in nearly 6 months. Needless to say, I was pretty motivated that others notice that much of a change in me when they havent seen me on a daily basis, so I cam back to my usual regimen feeling more motivated to keep putting in the hard work, even when the short-term results seem limited.

Other Benefits I’ve Experienced from Sytropin

Obviously, my main goal when I started taking Sytropin was muscle-building. I didn’t want to be a “bodybuilder”, but I did want to add some mass, increase my strength, the usual stuff. I considered myself pretty knowledgeable about working out in general, and how supplements could help. I had used creatine for years, and always had pretty decent results with it. I was never tempted to go the “steroid” route, I’d seen guys in college that used stuff like that, and knew it wasn’t for me. Plus I don’t like needles, and it seemed like the risks would outweigh the rewards. I just wanted something safe, with similar benefits but without all the down-side. Sytropin seemed like a safe choice.

Almost right away, within 2 days of receiving my first bottle, I did notice effects from Sytropin. No, I didn’t magically gain a 6-pack, or start benching 50 pounds more than I had the week before; the area I saw the fastest change was a surprise to me; my sleep. Almost from Day #1, my sleep got deeper. I could tell the difference if I stopped taking Sytropin for even a day or two, my sleep went back to the way it was before. Once I started taking Sytropin, I felt like I was way more rested, like I had slept much deeper or something. I also noticed that it seemed like I had strange, vivid dreams if I took Sytropin too close to bedtime (not sure if I imagined that or I just started remembering my dreams better once I was sleeping well), so now I make sure to take it earlier in the evening.

Once my sleep improved, my morning workouts seemed like they got a lot better. I usually do cardio or running in the morning, and weight-lifting or cross-training in afternoon workouts. With the better sleep, I was a little more “up” for my morning runs, and didnt feel quite so gassed afterwards. I also didn’t seem to cramp as much, especially on hot days, although I’m not sure if that was because of Sytropin or I just got better about hydration.

The other unusual benefit I noticed was my skin. It didn’t dry out so much and get calluses, and scratches or other wounds seemed to heal really quick. I know other people that said it had more dramatic effects on their skin, for wrinkles and things, but I never really noticed any of that (and I dont really have wrinkles anyways) but the healing I definitely still notice when it comes to minor nicks, cuts, and bruises.



Why I chose Sytropin HGH Spray

The background of why I chose Sytropin is probably pretty similar to a lot of guys. I had always been an athlete, played in rec-league, went to the gym regularly, etc. After college, I became more of the “weekend warrior” type, I’d hit the gym a couple times a week, do some mountain biking and play some basketball, but not much in the way of serious sustained athletic effort. I was in good shape, but not great.

My trips to the gym became less frequent, and when I did go I’d see guys there that reminded me of myself just a few years before, but I knew I was headed in the wrong direction. Compared to peers my own age, I would have been considered “fit”:, but compared to myself even a few years before, I wasn’t happy with where i was athletically. Like many people, I resolved to make a change. Unlike many, I carried through with my plan. I knew I wanted to target 3 main categories: My Diet, my Training, and my Supplementing.

Diet: Serious bodybuilders (which I had never been) always preach that 20% of their results are from training and lifting, and 80% of their results were purely diet. I had always eaten fairly well even when not training for anything, I wasn’t’ a fast-food junkie (eat it about once a year) and I pretty much avoid sweets and sugars naturally, but there was still room to clean up my diet. I started by adding a protein shake to my daily regimen, and focusing on eating more vegetables for at least 2 meals a day, cutting down on processed bread and pasta (a personal favorite), and eating more lean chicken and less red meat. I tried not to make any dramatic changes to my diet that I knew would never stick, but focused instead of incremental changes in the right direction. After just a few months, it pretty much became second nature.

Supplements: I was turned on to HGH supplements by a friend who reported really good results from them. I already took a standard men’s multivitamin, and an Omega-3 (fish oil) product for heart health. Once I started my new regimen, I added creatine, Sytropin HGH spray, and arginine. I try to keep my supplements I am taking at a minimum, partially so I can track results better, and also because I think too many people take way too many supplements, some of which do not work well in conjunction with each other, and may even have some unwanted side effects. I chose Sytropin because I had read a lot of great things about it, it’s ingredients were what I was looking for, and it was a safe, legal alternative to some of the other things I saw people using. Best of all, it worked; I saw results from using Sytropin within the first week. I recovered faster from hard workouts (which has gotten even more important as I get older) and I felt like I slept better too. I used a melatonin supplement for a while too, but discontinued it due to side effects even though it did help  me sleep pretty soundly. I also used to take some prohormone products, but since they have been basically banned in the last few years, they have been hard to find and I never saw as good as results when using them anyways.

My Sytropin Story

Welcome to Sytropin Revealed. I started this blog so myself and others could document our success with Sytropin HGH, and detail our progress. I will be updating it with testimonials and progress as we continue to use Sytropin as part of our training regimens, along with healthy eating, rest, and exercise.

*Disclaimer: I have received free trial bottles from the makers of Sytropin to use while I document my results from using it. I am a long-time Sytropin user. Some of the guest posts and testimonials here are from brand-new Sytropin users.